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What's Up With Purple Dragons?

Purple Unicorns have long been a meme in the recruiting industry. Learn why we feel it's outdated and represents an "old way of thinking", and why you need a "Dragon Hunter" to find you a candidate who will breathe fire into your business!


Why Unicorns Suck

Go Beyond The Sparkle

The "purple unicorn" is a joke among recruiters, often told when a client asks for a candidate that feels like it's impossible to find. This could include everything from an Ivy League Degree to specialty experience that the client is passionate about them having. We feel that no ask is too much, but we also don't stop with "sparkle" of these unicorn candidates and insist that not only should they have the magic of those elusive skills, but should also have something more.



More specifically, passion and drive for your business!  How often do you hire someone you thought was perfect for the role, only to find they are unmotivated and not at all what you thought you were getting? This is why we prefer dragons over unicorns. Anyone can find you a unicorn, but it takes a dragon hunter to find you a dragon who will bring the treasure to your business!

Dragon Hunting 101

We're Not "Head" Hunters. We're DRAGON Hunters!

Dragon Hunting isn't easy. Top talent isn't everywhere, and often it takes an aggressive recruiter, willing to text, email, InMail and DM on a weekend! We work tirelessly hunting the best talent for you, finding you passive candidates who are usually employed elsewhere, but who could make a true difference to your business.

Beyond just the skills, we evaluate them based on our patented "Dragon Hiring Method", which ensures we're not just getting you a candidate that meets your requirements, but who actually "blows you away" and brings things to the table you didn't even know you wanted! This is what makes our service stand out; purple dragons are a cut above the rest, loyal and fierce, who stop at nothing to find the gold!

The Dragon Hiring Method

At Talent Masters, we are excited to offer our clients the exclusive DRAGON Hiring Method, a distinctive approach in the staffing industry designed to identify and recruit top talent.

Unique to our agency, the DRAGON method encompasses six meticulously crafted stages:

Group 13



Exploring candidate motivations, career goals, and reasons for role changes, assessing career progression.


Concisely analyzing work history, focusing on key successes and learning experiences.


Group 14
Group 13



Testing problem-solving and critical thinking relevant to the specific role, gauging skill compatibility.


Ensuring candidate’s goals align with company objectives and the role offers career advancement.


Group 14



Assessing non-verbal communication and values alignment through engaging questions for cultural fit.

Group 13

Notable Projects:

Showcasing candidate skills via real projects or tailored tasks, providing insight into their work quality.


80% Of Clients Are Repeat Customers
90% of Placements Stay 3 Years or More
1 Year Guarantee On All Placements

Because We're More Than Just a Recruiting Agency:
All Services Come With Free Employer Brand & Salary Evaluations

Explore Solutions For Your Industry or Segment

Explore Talent Masters' Executive Search Solution and learn how our specialized approach can transform your leadership landscape. With our executive search platform, you get:

  • A Dedicated Executive Recruiter

  • Full Culture & Ideal Fit Assessment 

  • Reputation Profiles For Every Candidate

  • Total Rewards & Compensation Market Report

  • DRAGON Hiring Method Templates & Score Sheets

Let us do the work for you! Post a Job FREE or Learn More or Schedule a Consultation today!


Partner Case Studies

See our use case studies below for our unique models have helped clients just like you!



Streamlined paraplanning processes

"Exceptionally professional, efficient, and effective. Even with the challenging market, they have done everything in their power to help us."

Human resources director

"Exceptionally professional, efficient, and effective. Even with the challenging market, they have done everything in their power to help us."

Human resources director

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