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Company Culture Assessments

Starting with the right fit from day one!

Implement a hiring process that builds not just a team, but a community.


Learn about our trademarked Culture Assessment Program, developed by organizational psychologists to make every hire a stepping stone towards a more cohesive, productive, and satisfied workforce!

Key Advantages To Focusing On Hiring For Culture Fit:


Reduced Turnover Costs: 

Mismatches in culture fit can be expensive, costing up to 50-60% of the employee's annual salary in turnover costs. Our program helps you avoid these financial pitfalls by ensuring a harmonious fit from the start​​.

Boost Engagement & Productivity:

Aligning with a strong company culture is crucial, as 88% of employees believe it's key to business success. A positive work culture leads to higher employee engagement, directly improving productivity and profitability​​.


Improved Culture Alignment: 

Understanding your culture is key to improving it. We not only assess your culture, but give you tips down to the department and employee level on how to improve and increase engagement!

Enhanced Team Dynamics: 

The right cultural fit strengthens team cohesion, reducing the risk of disruption and the potential loss of valued team members—a scenario that can lead to substantial replacement costs​​.


Attract & Retain Top Talent:

With 73% of professionals having left jobs due to poor cultural fit, emphasizing culture in your hiring process makes your organization more attractive to high-quality candidates who are looking for a workplace that resonates with their values and work style​​.

What Is A Work Culture Archetype?

Ever wondered why some teams click perfectly while others struggle to maintain harmony, even with the best perks on the table? It's all about the vibe—the work culture that pulsates through your office halls. How you work, communicate, your company processes and values! All of this contributes to a unique culture type that defines you.

And so it's important to understand what that is, define it clearly and hire for culture fit first!

73% of Employees Leave Because of Culture or Value Misalignment


Which is why we developed the Company Culture Archetypes, to help you hire better and build cultures that retain your top talent. Crafted by a team of savvy organizational psychologists who know a thing or two about workplace harmony, our trademarked Culture Assessment Program gets down to the department level, showing you the overall cultures and even microcultures that make your workplace the unique place that it is.

Good Cultures Are About More Than Just Rewards & Perks:

It's almost cliche these days to talk about work cultures and improving them, and yet no one seems to know how to do this beyond just throwing more sick days and gift cards and rewards at people! That's why we not only assess your current employee population and culture, but we also give you detailed information on how they align or misalign and tips on how to improve. We then customize a hiring and retention plan that is focused on the pros of your unique culture while minimizing the cons.

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Get A New Hire Culture Assessment Program That Includes:

Individualized Employee Profile Assessment: Learn what every employee and candidate needs to thrive and see how it aligns with your overall culture. If there's a misalignment, you can also see tips and recommendations for improving performance, communication and employee wellbeing.

Company & Department Culture Assessment: Get a breakdown of your company's cultural makeup from any number of our 5 different archetypes. Are you all about the Creative Cloud Culture, where ideas flow as freely as the coffee, and hierarchy is just a word in the dictionary? Or maybe the Blaze Performance Culture, where goals are king, and the thrill of the chase keeps everyone on their toes, is more your speed?

Company Culture Leadership Training: Guidance on effectively navigating and utilizing your assessments to their fullest! Give leaders a better understanding of how to motivate their teams down to the individual employee level. With the right tools and information, you can improve communication and productivity almost overnight.

Employee Development Reports: Each employee gets a personalized report, showcasing their work style strengths and weaknesses, with development tips you can use to help integrate them into the larger culture and values system. 

Onboarding & Support: Integrate into your hiring process seamlessly with our onboarding and support team, which automates the process and gets you everything you need to get started. Manage your program independently or let us do the heavy lifting. It's up to you!

Learn More About Culture Archetypes:

Our Culture Archetype Assessment Program was researched by a team of Organizational Psychologists who surveyed more than 30,000 employees across multiple companies, gaining a deep understanding of their existing workplace cultures and their reasons for leaving or staying. What the team discovered was shocking! It wasn't just about the boss or the pay or even the time off benefits, but rather the overall "vibe and feel" of the organization, from too much structure to too little, to a particular focus on goals and KPIs versus creativity and freedom! 

With this better understanding of motivations, the team was able to assess and categorize each of the companies based on multiple sets of criteria, from how they view time off to their preferred communication and work styles. More than just a personal set of values or rewards, the Culture Assessment gives a comprehensive view of what it's like to work in your organization, and what kind of environment your employee will thrive in the most.

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Ready To Level Up Your Hiring? 

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