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Meet The Leader In Healthcare Recruiting

From revenue cycle to coders, medical assistants to physicians, no matter the specialty, we know where to find them!

At Talent Masters, we specialize in providing tailored solutions to meet the distinctive challenges faced by the healthcare industry. Our deep understanding of the intricacies involved in talent acquisition within the rapidly changing medical sector enables us to deliver optimal talent solutions for our clients in healthcare. Why choose us?

30-Day Average Fill Rate

90% Repeat Clients

Stay 2 Years Or More 

Clients We've Worked With


Our Approach to Healthcare

Our recruitment strategy focuses on identifying areas of high demand within healthcare and sourcing the most capable talent available through specialized job forums, social media, networking and the latest in AI sourcing technology.


Our team of healthcare recruiters actively engages with the candidate market, leveraging over twenty years of experience in healthcare recruitment! We are adept at recognizing the unique aspects of the medical field and the individual requirements of each healthcare organization. Armed with this knowledge and a streamlined recruitment process, we are able to find candidates who are not only highly qualified but also align with your organization's culture and objectives.


Whether you want direct placement, executive search or are interested in our RPO solutions for healthcare, we are ready to jump in and help you grow!

Some Of The Specialties We Have Recruited For:

Skilled Nursing

Wound Care

Pain Management

Hospitals & Surgical Centers

Home Health Care


Behavioral Health

Nursing Homes



Dentists & Optometrists

Chiropractic & Orthopedic


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Patient with Healthcare Nurse
Common Direct Placement
Roles Include:


  • Travel Nursing

  • Travel Therapy

  • Allied & Lab

  • Medical Assistants

  • Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioners

  • CRNA

  • Physicians 

  • RN & LPN/LVN

  • Radiologists

  • Dental Assistants

  • Behavioral Therapists

  • Physician Assistants

  • Certified Nursing Assistants

  • Anesthesiologists

  • Surgeons

  • Revenue Cycle

  • Medical Coding

  • Hospital Administrators & Directors

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More than 70% of our network of highly qualified candidates come from passive talent pools. 

Executive Search In Healthcare

In the sphere of healthcare executive search, we prioritize quality above quantity, a principle that extends across various specialties including pain management, hospitals, behavioral health, home health, private practice and healthcare management firms. 

Our approach to talent search and placement is meticulous and tailored, covering not just interim leadership positions but also permanent roles across the healthcare spectrum. From pain management clinics addressing critical patient needs, to hospitals that form the backbone of our healthcare system, and healthcare management firms that drive efficiency and innovation, our Talent Solutions are the preferred choice. The nation's leading organizations in these fields, recognizing the need for top-tier talent to navigate the complexities of modern healthcare, choose our services for their executive search needs, cementing our position as the go-to partner for healthcare recruitment.

Commonly Filled Roles Include:

 CEO | CFO | Chief Medical Officer | COO | Chief Strategy Officer | CHRO | Chief Clinical Officer | President | Senior Vice President | VP | Executive Director | Director | Medical Director | Psychiatrist | Psychologist | Advanced Practice Registered Nurses | Licensed Counselors | Hospital Administrators

RPO In Healthcare

RPO is a cost-effective solution for health systems, where an external service provider partners with an organization's recruiting and HR department to hire candidates quickly and efficiently.

What RPO Can Do For You:

  • A total workforce solution can foster the optimal balance between the flexibility of contingent professionals and the stability of best-fit permanent hires. 

  •  We offer innovation to traditional external recruitment support, offering ample opportunity to favorably impact an organization’s bottom line.

  • Our service enables us to effectively support clients and meet their deadlines across each facility and location with no disruption. This ensures an agile talent solution that scales quickly and effectively aligns with immediate and future hiring need.

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Hard To Find Specialties

We understand that you might have specialized needs, but don't worry! We take "special requests" all the time. From nurse practitioners with specialized wound care experience to physicians with specific specialties and credentials, we know how to source that hard to find talent that you can't get elsewhere!

Our Sourcing Methods Include:

  • Specialty Niche Job Boards & Forums

  • Universities & Resident Programs

  • Industry Associations

  • Networking Events & Trade Shows

  • Social Media & Private Networks

Partnership Benefits

More Than Just A Recruitment Firm

FREE Culture Assessments
Improve Retention Up To 60%!

FREE Salary Surveys
See If You're Competitive In The Market!

Huge Network Reach
Millions Of Candidates At Your Fingertips!

Advanced AI
Our Automated Solutions speed up fill rate and find the best talent in a sea of resumes!

Targeted Hunting
Our "Dragon Hunters" are specialists in your field and know how to find you the most elusive top talent!

1-Year Replacement Guarantee
We've never had to use it, but just in case, we'll refill your role for free if they leave for ANY reason.

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