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Detox Your Culture & Increase Engagement!

Talent Masters is the only company that provides a true solution for lack of engagement, high turnover, low morale and poor productivity.

 Our system is proven to decrease turnover and increase engagement and productivity by an average of 40%* or more!

What Is A Culture "Detox"?

The words "Toxic Work Environment" are now buzzwords, but the truth is there are actually very few companies who are truly "toxic". Most of the time, it is simply a matter of companies not knowing how to build the thriving and engaging work environments that carry their business from good to great.


Let's face it; people make or break your business. Entire companies can go down if their work culture isn't healthy.


Maybe yours isn't in tip-top condition yet, but that's okay! Your culture probably just needs a quick trip to the gym and a little sweat to get in shape!

Signs You Need A Detox:

  • High Turnover Of 20% or More

  • Low Productivity - Constantly Having To "Push" or "Pull" Your Employees Across The Finish Line

  • Low Morale - Complaining, "Whining", Lack of Motivation, Negative Attitudes

  • Cross-Functional Dysfunction - Issues Working & Communicating Within & Across Teams

  • Low Revenue Or Poor Business Results - People Not Driving Your Business 

So....What Do You Do?

Hint: Don't Throw More Money At It!

Often times, companies have no idea how to fix what's wrong, and so they take advice from well-meaning people who tell them to just throw more money at people.


Raises and bonuses and gift cards are only a temporary fix!


It's like taking an Aspirin when what you need is antibiotics. The symptoms will return!

How To Detox & Actually Fix Your Culture

This struggle to figure out how to actually "fix" a culture is why we developed the Company Detox Program, to help you find what is broken, fix it, and build cultures that retain your top talent.  This program helps you take your B-Players to A-Players, and create an environment where employees want to stay and want to help your business succeed.


Crafted by a team of savvy organizational psychologists (who know a thing or two about workplace harmony), our process is proven to increase revenue, productivity and morale!


Custom Program Built For Your
Unique Culture & Situation

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Individualized Employee & Team Assessments: Learn what every employee needs to thrive and see how it aligns with your overall culture. If there's a misalignment, we give tips and recommendations for improving performance, communication and employee wellbeing at the employee level.

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Company & Department Culture Assessment: Get a breakdown of your company's cultural makeup from any number of our 5 different archetypes. Understand misalignments with your vision or strategy and allow us to help you make course corrections team wide!

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Leadership, Team Dynamics & Communication Training: Guidance on effectively navigating conflict, improving cross-functional team dynamics to reduce errors and bottlenecks, advanced communication and leadership training to address culture and engagement issues.

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Workshops & Process Optimizations: Analyze processes, workflows and data to discover areas where inefficiencies are affecting your culture and morale. Improve engagement, ownership and accountability through improved goals, KPIs and measure engagement and productivity with greater insight.

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Hire Better With Onboarding & Support: Integrate culture assessments into your hiring process seamlessly with our onboarding and support team, which automates the process and gets you everything you need to get started, so as to keep your culture healthy and only hire people who align with your values. Learn how to hire better with our interview training and DRAGON methodology! 

Ready To Level Up Your Teams? 

Key Advantages To A Healthy Company Culture:

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Reduced Turnover Costs: 

Mismatches in culture fit can be expensive, costing up to 50-60% of the employee's annual salary in turnover costs. Our program helps you avoid these financial pitfalls by ensuring a harmonious fit from the start​​.

Boost Engagement & Productivity:

Aligning with a strong company culture is crucial, as 88% of employees believe it's key to business success. A positive work culture leads to higher employee engagement, directly improving productivity and profitability​​.

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Improved Culture Alignment: 

Understanding your culture is key to improving it. We not only assess your culture, but give you tips down to the department and employee level on how to improve and increase engagement!

Enhanced Team Dynamics: 

The right cultural fit strengthens team cohesion, reducing the risk of disruption and the potential loss of valued team members—a scenario that can lead to substantial replacement costs​​.

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Attract & Retain Top Talent:

With 73% of professionals having left jobs due to poor cultural fit, emphasizing culture in your hiring process makes your organization more attractive to high-quality candidates who are looking for a workplace that resonates with their values and work style​​.

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