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DEIB - Inclusion, Respect & Belonging

Politics doesn't have to divide your organization, and you don't have to choose between merit & inclusion with our cutting edge programs!

Our unique DEIB programs provide a wholistic, revenue generating model that creates enduring and diverse communities.

"Inclusive Merit" DEIB Maturity Model

In today’s complex and often polarized business environment, many companies are grappling with the challenge of maintaining their commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB). Faced with political conflict and concerns over Return on Investment (ROI), some organizations are slashing their DEIB budgets or even discontinuing their programs altogether.


At the heart of these issues lies a fundamental need for a balanced approach that not only promotes equal opportunity and inclusion but also emphasizes achievement and performance, ensuring that DEIB initiatives are sustainable and impactful.

The Inclusive Merit DEIB Maturity Model is a cutting-edge framework designed to address these critical challenges. This model aims to create an equitable and inclusive workplace that emphasizes merit, provides robust training and opportunities for under-represented groups, and fosters harmony within the organization. By focusing on both measurable outcomes and inclusive practices, the Inclusive Merit model helps organizations navigate political conflicts and demonstrate tangible ROI from their DEIB efforts.

What Sets Our Maturity Model Apart

Comprehensive Approach

Our framework goes beyond diversity metrics to include equity, inclusion, and merit as equally vital components.


Addresses cultural and systemic factors that influence an equitable and inclusive work environment.

Measurable ROI

Integrates robust metrics and analytics to assess the impact of DEI initiatives.

Measurable ROI for the organization based on increased engagement, performance and training. Goes beyond surface-level measures to evaluate deeper systemic changes, ensuring data-driven decision-making.

DEI Beyond Checklists

Focuses on changing hearts and minds through a combination of REAL Talks and cross-political ERGs.


Encourages open dialogue without fear of punishment, fostering a community-first mindset rather than one of compliance or virtue signaling.

Community Building

Measures diversity not just by demographics but also by the overall health of the community, level of acceptance and inclusion, diversity of thought, neurodiversity, backgrounds, etc.


Ensures a more comprehensive understanding of diversity within the organization.

Holistic Perspective

Goes beyond workforce composition, tackling the cultural and systemic influences on equity and inclusion.


Ensures a balanced focus on creating an inclusive culture where every employee can thrive.

Flexible and Adaptable

Tailored to suit varying organizational needs and maturity levels.


Allows organizations to adapt the model based on their specific context, industry, and DEI journey stage, making it practical for a wide range of organizations.

Building Empathetic & Inclusive Communities With REAL Talk
Training means "SHUT UP AND LEARN"

Discussion means "LEARN FROM EACH OTHER"

We don't do "training". We do discussions! Individualism, empathy and open dialogue are the key to our success, and with our REAL Talk dialogue program, you have a framework for discussions on all manner of sensitive topics. Change Hearts and Minds by allowing discussions from all sides of an issue, and create empathy and understanding that binds communities together on the front end. This cornerstone of our program creates the foundation for acceptance and belonging at all levels of the organization.

Maturity Stages

Leveraging The Strength Of Diversity To Increase Success

Most businesses are created to generate revenue. In order to do that, you have to work and achieve goals together as a community! But what happens when that community consists of different ages, genders, cultures, backgrounds, political and religious beliefs, neurological and physiological differences? 

A DEIB Maturity Model is the roadmap that helps you build a community where every individual is valued, heard, and can do their best work! We create systems that allow everyone the opportunity to succeed and gives everyone the chance to utilize what makes them unique to benefit the entire team.


Key Advantages To DEI & Respectful Workplace:


Reduced Turnover Costs: 

Mismatches in culture fit can be expensive, costing up to 50-60% of the employee's annual salary in turnover costs. Our program helps you avoid these financial pitfalls by ensuring a harmonious fit from the start​​.

Boost Engagement & Productivity:

Aligning with a strong company culture is crucial, as 88% of employees believe it's key to business success. A positive work culture leads to higher employee engagement, directly improving productivity and profitability​​.


Improved Culture Alignment: 

Understanding your culture is key to improving it. We not only assess your culture, but give you tips down to the department and employee level on how to improve and increase engagement!

Enhanced Team Dynamics: 

The right cultural fit strengthens team cohesion, reducing the risk of disruption and the potential loss of valued team members—a scenario that can lead to substantial replacement costs​​.


Attract & Retain Top Talent:

With 73% of professionals having left jobs due to poor cultural fit, emphasizing culture in your hiring process makes your organization more attractive to high-quality candidates who are looking for a workplace that resonates with their values and work style​​.

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