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Can Pi Take Your Interview Skills to the Next Level?

Job interviews are a crucial part of the jobsearching process, but they can also be nerve-wracking and challenging. So when I heard about Ai tool Pi's ability to help you interview, I decided to give it a go!

At its core, Pi is a personalized AI coach that helps you improve your communication skills. By using advanced language processing and machine learning algorithms, Pi analyzes your responses to common interview questions and provides tailored feedback.

This feedback can help you identify areas where you can improve and give you a better understanding of how you're coming across to potential employers.

So, what did I find?

Well, I was keen to try out Pi's ability to practice interviewing skills through mock interviews. These simulations are designed to allow you to get comfortable with the interview process and gain valuable experience in a low-pressure environment. By engaging in mock interviews with Pi, you can become more confident and polished in your responses, which can make a significant difference in a real interview.

The downside to this is firstly that it is a very different (low-pressure) environment which isn't going to simulate actually talking to a person. It is a long way off from talking to, say, a Career Coach or Interview Coach to get experience.

One good thing about it is that Pi can offer you advice based on your unique background and the specific job you're applying for. This can help you highlight your strengths and demonstrate your fit for the role.

The downside - well, again, this is no actual substitute for a person, so it is a good exercise, but not quite as useful as real personal interactions.

So, to summarize my experience testing this, I'd say the following... POSITIVES:

Personalized Feedback: Pi does provide analysis on answers to common interview questions and delivers feedback tailored to your specific needs. This is a really good unbiased take, and could be helpful when you're working out what things to mention and what to leave out during interviews.  While analysis of potential answers is great, though, it is not going to be enough to prepare you for the real event.

Confidence-building: If you are the type of person who gets very anxious then you may find that practicing with Pi helps you through repetition, and by forcing you to think up answers that you can remember for later. This is a key point as the spontaneity factor is missing somewhat, so you would likely have to save, note down, or practice many times in order to remember the answers if you want to carry the success through to interview.

Tailored Advice: You can get customized advice based on your answers, your unique background and the specific job you're looking for. This can be useful to help you generate relevant things to say or answer during interviews. On a personal note, I thought the tone of the AI was very positive, encouraging, while still allowing space for notes on relevant potential improvements.


Computer Says No: There is NO comparison between interview prep with Pi and with a human being.

Lack of Spontaneity: The spontaneous nature of conversation cannot be replicated. In a real situation, you do not have the time to think as you type an answer. You are also not having to practice speaking your answers, which is a big deal as tone, body language, etc, are all HUGE factors in how you come across. It's not all about the words.

Lack of Accurate Training Setting: Further to the above, the actual environment of an interview setting is missing entirely here, which means that it is not good practice for thinking on your feet and having to answer questions in real time. Sure, if you're a very fast typer, maybe there's some speed involved, but you still have time to think as you write, which won't be the same. Again, no actual speaking occurring, so the form of communication is still an issue.

So, overall, yeah, it might help you work on some answers a bit (in advance), but it will not be the best way to actually prepare for an interview. I still think it was a fun experiment! I was just a bit disappointed that it wasn't a truly viable option compared to professional expertise and interview training.

If you are in a position where you feel you need some coaching or interview training, you can book time with us here: #ai #aitraining #aiinnovation #interviewtraining #coachingservices

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